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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom illustrations and freelance design are my particular wheelhouse. I have been working on commercial and personal projects for a variety of clients since 2009. As well as my own projects for sale, examples of these can be found in my portfolio, shop and etsy store front.

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I also offer other services in conjunction with these disciplines on a small local scale to assist other comic artists. I am set up to serve as a freelance layout editor for personal publication projects, and offer short run hand finishing services on small batch mini comic projects.

IdeaFish Publications.

It is more of my personal abbreviation for the full imprint name than a true acronym. I like keeping the “D” in there for my first name!

So there you go, a four letter word for this whole affair is all IDFP is. If you want to know more about why my mini comic studio is named IdeaFish Publications you can read all about that in our about page.

Varied and various, as well as not being on any kind of yearly schedule. The more professional work I get the fewer conventions I seem to attend.

Convention appearances will be announced as they happen over in the blog!

On a good day I think I just draw, on a bad day I don’t draw at all.

I have attended a fair number of both comic and anime conventions, it never fails that at each one I’m told “you’re pretty good for a [the other category than that of event I’m attending] artist, but why are you here” by at least one person stopping by my table. Which is sad.

I’d like to retire this particular conversation.

No. IdeaFish Publications is not taking on additional “staff” at the moment. I have restructured my inventory to rely on fewer people at convention appearances and do not need additional table assistance at this time.

If you are interested in a collaboration you should contact me, or if you were thinking of submitting to a long term anthology you can check your eligibility and enter. All work with IDFP counts as self-employment.

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