14 Feb 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

  Roses are Red   Violets are Blue   I’m working on a new serial that should be ready soon…   …and the store has some products that are new!

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14 Mar 2016

Single Page Fold Books

This is the simplest method of home binding, and while it is limiting in format it is a fun and easy craft that requires very little in the way of supplies. If you have a six (6) page story in a vertical format this is a tiny little ashcan you can create with one page […]

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02 Mar 2016

DPI vs PPI – Understanding the Difference

With advances in modern computer and printing technology the distinction between these two terms has blurred significantly; 300 ppi can be translated to roughtly 300 dpi on modern printers, but being aware of the fundamental differences is essential if you want your artwork to display well on both computer screens and print correctly on your […]

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17 Feb 2016

Building Your Bookbinding Essential Tool Kit

Most of the mini comics I have made to date are books I have bound myself, using simple methods or complex ones. All of my hand bound sketchbooks are items I have sewn in a perfect bound style, with simple hard covers as I think the spine stitching is part of what makes them pretty. […]

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12 Feb 2016

Security Concerns

I’m sad to announce that we had a site wide security concern last weekend that I have spent most of this week resolving it. Please be cautious of emails generated from the domain for the next few months. I’ve installed an additional Anti-virus & Firewall measure and am in the process of running diagnostics on the site. […]

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24 Dec 2015

What a world, what a world…

You may notice that I am finally making good on all my threats of updating this site into something that resembles an actual shop and portfolio. This isn’t an easy task, so pardon my mess as I progress again toward relevancy. Also, if you need a graphic designer I’m officially open to new freelance clients […]

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25 Dec 2013

Next Gen & WordPress 3.8

Updates… The absolute bane of my existence. There are family and friends in town for the holidays, but the weekend after next I am going to sit down and figure out how to get my galleries functioning again. All the better to relaunch the store and add some over due new minicomics once I take […]

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22 Nov 2013

A Warm Winter Welcome

Hello again everyone, two positions and a continuing job hunt later I am back to marvel again at how many updates I have to run on this site. I have been away from my digital life thanks in part to some busy family times, also the whole three part time jobs deal is getting old. […]

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