A Warm Winter Welcome

A Warm Winter Welcome

Hello again everyone, two positions and a continuing job hunt later I am back to marvel again at how many updates I have to run on this site. I have been away from my digital life thanks in part to some busy family times, also the whole three part time jobs deal is getting old. Watch in amazement as I slowly check out my long abandoned accounts and check back in with everyone I’ve been missing for so long.
I am excited to announce that there will be portfolio upgrades from multiple sources as my most recent position was with a full service ad company. I can confirm at this point that my intent to visit C2E2 this year has fallen through, although I may be soon attending some Alabama conventions for the first time.

Portfolio updates aside I’m interested in the now proprietary child theme development that WordPress seems to have streamlined. What does this mean for IDFP?
Well…no more complaints about themes being outdated and reloading my CSS documents, custom headers and footers…at least once I get the child theme tested on my desktop mirror. Yes the fancy animated banner will be back on the feed page! You (read: Mazume and KAB) might remember it from the entire two months I have successfully kept it up and coded in the past. XP

More announcements to come as I force myself to actually update the site.

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  1. Heard about the job leads through the mommy grapevine. Congrats and good luck. By this time next week, I will (hopefully) be piled higher and deeper.

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