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17 Feb 2016
Punches tapes, ribbons, brushes, and clamps

Building Your Bookbinding Essential Tool Kit

Most of the mini comics I have made to date are books I have bound myself, using simple methods or complex ones. All of my hand bound sketchbooks are items I have sewn in a perfect bound style, with simple hard covers as I think the spine stitching is part of what makes them pretty. I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t pick this up as a hobby, or even better, make mini comics or zines all on their own!

There are tools that you need before you can actively do anything, so I’m making this informational supply list with links to suggested retailers for anyone who wants to play along at home. Gathering your supplies as needed is the way to go, this can get expensive and depending on the nature of your project you may not need all of them. You might also find you need additional items as your projects demand them, this is in no way a comprehensive list…just a starting point for a true beginner.

I’m all for saving money by using alternative items and eschewing the fancy option, and if you know what you are trying to do buying what you anticipate needing in advance will usually allow you to get the best price on the items you need.