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30 Dec 2010

Hair of the Dog Mini Comic Set

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These small volumes of spot illustrations are set to wacky animal themed drink recipes.  Funny for all, useful for those over 21.  This set contains both volume 1, Party Animals, and volume 2, Once it’s Bit You.  Fun gift for your party host, silly house warming gift or enjoy it yourself.

Rating: YA – promoting drinking

Binding: page fold x 2

Page Count: 6 each

30 Dec 2010

A Memory of Toast

This childrens’ mini comic about cooking a popular breakfast food is limited to 42 copies in it’s original alternative binding format, as they are all individually cut into shape by hand. The last one is still up for grabs, and then the story will only be available in simple format re-releases.

limited cover

Rating: E – make sure you supervise children in the kitchen

Binding: hand stitched middle bound

Page Count: 10

30 Dec 2010

Ode to Umbrella Hat Limited Reprint

Navy Cover

This is a reprint of the original anthology run of “Ode to Umbrella Hat” using the same silk screen cover art on two colors of corrugated paper.  There are six reprints available, 2 in the navy blue and 4 in the army green.  Keep up with the cutting edge of fashion with this tribute to the Brock-a-brella!

Rating: OT – for the “f-bomb”

Binding: saddle stitch stapled

Page Count: 6