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05 Dec 2010

Bishie Con is Almost Upon Us~

IdeaFish Publications is returning again this year to Bishie Con!

We proudly sell mini comics, comics, hand bound sketch books, art and photographic prints & posters, post cards, book marks, buttons, stickers, cell phone straps, key chains, personal adornments and other nick-nacks lovingly made by a IDFP Staff.
Promotional Image for Anime Conventions

Sketch, Doll Customization and Commission Art services courtesy of FyireChilde Studios, regrets to announce a limited availability this year thanks to our mutual head artist awaiting possible wrist surgery.

We hope to again offer full at Con Commission Services by Kawa Kon!

Pre-Convention Commissions:

SD Doodle 1: SarahT3hPixie – Ran from Sukisho

*Available for pick up at our table on the first day of the con at convention price below.

At-Convention Commissions:

Friday – 1 Sketch, 2 SD Doodles
Saturday – 1 Sketch, 1-2 SD Doodles
Sunday – 1-2 SD Doodles if we are very lucky…

*No reservations will be held without your name on our sign up log, this represents the absolute maximum level of activity that can be performed by our resident artist at this time.

After Convention Commissions receive discount when you present our AD flier with your payment!  Pick one up at our table and consider us for your sketch, illustration, graphic design and web editing needs!

21 Nov 2010

More Website News

Pain killers are a wonderful thing, I’m working very slowly on the content of the site.  There very well may be some real functionality before I know if I need surgery or not.

09 Sep 2010

Staff Biographies

So…Staff @ IDFP is updated and awaiting only profile pictures and links to preferred emails and personal websites, so it’s time to respond to my texts guys.   D=

It can be viewed here.  We are an odd lot.

04 Sep 2010

Calendar Fixed!!!

Hot snot that was much easier than I thought it would be! Most threads at the support forum complicated it. I managed to find the one with a working fix that was easily updated to the newest versions of the applications. So much help over at forums. Much love!
I’m gonna start filling us up with events! It is event time now, and then updating more information time, and then make the site not a hideous embarrassment time~

Good times all around!

03 Sep 2010

Calendar Glitches

I know it can be done, I will soon get the upcoming events not only posted as announcements and lists in the navigation panel, I will link you to a set page to view our whole calendar!

It will be done, once again bear with our mess!  =D