21 Nov 2010

More Website News

Pain killers are a wonderful thing, I’m working very slowly on the content of the site.  There very well may be some real functionality before I know if I need surgery or not.

09 Sep 2010

Staff Biographies

So…Staff @ IDFP is updated and awaiting only profile pictures and links to preferred emails and personal websites, so it’s time to respond to my texts guys.   D=

It can be viewed here.  We are an odd lot.

04 Sep 2010

Calendar Fixed!!!

Hot snot that was much easier than I thought it would be! Most threads at the support forum complicated it. I managed to find the one with a working fix that was easily updated to the newest versions of the applications. So much help over at wordpress.org forums. Much love!
I’m gonna start filling us up with events! It is event time now, and then updating more information time, and then make the site not a hideous embarrassment time~

Good times all around!

03 Sep 2010

Calendar Glitches

I know it can be done, I will soon get the upcoming events not only posted as announcements and lists in the navigation panel, I will link you to a set page to view our whole calendar!

It will be done, once again bear with our mess!  =D

02 Sep 2010

Wisdom Before Beauty

Since there is not really a point of implying age on a brand new site….

I have decided that it is far, far, far more important to have the site functional and informative than to have it pretty.  So as much as this fabulous appearance grates at my very being, I will get all the content up on this site before I fiddle with it further.  Expect…things…not great things…it is a word press site after all…later.  Until then: bear with our mess!