Things to do in November….

Things to do in November….

Time always seems to escape me…

A list, then, of proposed updates for the month of November:

  • Round out the Store with more products (12/5/11)
  • Adding art & craft fair page with more OOAK items… (11/23/11)
  • Finish Updating No One Knows
  • Get quote forms up on contracting page
  • Fix CSS for header and footer AGAIN
  • Attempt to finish Learning Favorite Games or Vertical Smile for you jerks.

So that is a steep list, I hope any of it gets done


  1. Maybe even finish writing up the last of our legal documentation?
    …don’t hold your breath…it’s soooooo boring! DX

    1. Your stuff is great id like to work with you if your interested.

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